About TMP

John Tucker is proud to be owner and operator of Tucker’s Mold Polishing (TMP). TMP is a is located in the heart of the plastic mold industry in Southwestern Ohio, servicing the mold industry across the country.  John’s knowledge and ability provide TMP with the skills and craftsmanship to successfully exceed complex and highly detailed polishing requirements.

TMP is a respected member of the mold polishing industry, along with solid reputation in the plastic, tool, and die industries. Tucker’s Mold Polishing is known for accomplishments, integrity, quality workmanship, and most importantly it’s guarantee to customer satisfaction. John Tucker, along with the entire team at Tucker’s Mold Polishing looks forward to providing your company with quality and reliable services.

For more information please contact John at 937-339-3063 or  john@tuckersmoldpolishing.com